I had an awesome trash picking day this past Sunday.  I went to the outdoor flea market near my boyfriend’s house & ended up making three trips to the car due to the cart being loaded with finds!   My boyfriend wasn’t able to go with me & while it’s not as much fun without him, it really is fun getting to surprise him with finds.  I did buy one item – I go primarily hoping to score trashfinds, but, well, I’m a collector…of course I’m going to want to look at stuff for sale too.   I decided to try a game called, “guess which item I actually purchased”.  Continue reading
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Finding ‘stuff’ is always on my mind.  I think of the why’s & how’s that items wind up in the trash, or abundantly available used.  I always consider what to keep, what to sell & what to give away, otherwise, I’d be buried by my finds and that’s just counter-productive.  I often find my head spinning from consuming, or I guess, researching consumerism (in my very, unscientific way).   My research takes me to checking out stores & websites that ‘reflect’ what the average person currently shops for to decorate their homes for ‘living’.  Continue reading
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Today was not a very good trash picking day. They happen, fortunately though, not very often.   A few wood table legs (boyfriend has some idea on what he wants to make out of them) & an icky straw/rattan bathroom shelf (prob. will yard sale) that I picked up merely because all I had at that point, were the table legs.  Ah well.  Yes, I should, in a way be happy the trash wasn’t so great, but last night I had this awesome dream that I found a great load of trash!  Lots of 50s & 60s decor, Continue reading

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Had a pretty decent haul today (pics below).  Found a cement lion yard statue; the top of a ‘bean counter’ table; a nice cement base for a birdbath; a fiberglass urn that’s separated from the base (if I decide to keep it, I’ll just use the urn, but if not, a little duck tape, wrap something cute around to hide it & voila!..yard sale); particle board w/wheels – a dolly of sorts; a plastic dog that part of the back is in pieces inside – which is better if used as an outside ornament, you can easily weigh it down with dirt or use as a planter for trailing plants!  Had to pass a few workable TV’s (the remote & owners manual were with them) because I already have two waiting for the next yard sale (ANY weekend now….).  Passed a lot of flower planters, window boxes, etc, but already have some accumulating in the yard.  Today was recycling day (every other week in our area), which always throws me off when picking – Continue reading

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I love making things (in theory).  I love crafts, having ideas, and putting those ideas into creating an object or work of art.  What I mean by in theory, is that I have loads of the things necessary to create some fantastic things, but I don’t often give myself the opportunity to craft.  I have the broken china for mosaics, shelves of fabric (I really, really have a thing for fabric), odd pieces of wood, flat items that could be a canvas, various degrees of thread, rope & ribbon; ‘found’ objects, etc.  My found objects I like the most.  This is truly a collection of the bizarre – tiny plastic doll arms; leaves that look like something else, guts to an electronic something, keys to an old keyboard, etc…

When I was a trashpicking kid (around the house or immediate neighbors), Continue reading

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One of my most treasured gifts I ever received as a kid came from my Nana.  It was so simple in the idea, but required thought and at least a little planning.  I was probably about nine or ten, a good age that I could handle sewing needles responsibly.  My mom only sewed the occasional button, but my Nana had a sewing machine & used it!  For my birthday, my Nana gave me a card box with the top wrapped in wrapping paper.  In it, were scraps of fabric, needles, a few patches, a thimble, some ribbon, thread, buttons, etc, all nicely arranged in tiny jelly jars or plastic equivalent.  I felt like I had hit paydirt!  My Nana couldn’t have nailed it any better.  A gift in a salvaged box, covered in wrapping paper, with items leftover from her sewing projects in saved containers was my holy grail.  The other kids could keep their Atari, or Barbie sports car, because when something on that broke, I would have all the right skills and items to continue to make my own fun (well, it was fun to me).  My Nana gave me something better than any shiny, toy store bought item – I knew she was actually hearing my kid enthusiasm to learn, and she gave me the ability to make & do on my own.   I still have the box & while some of the contents have changed, a few of the originals are still there.
What’s been the best, recycled or thrift-giving gift you’ve received?
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I love things with character.  I like items that have a story, or, as my collecting probably more appropriately reflects, something that shows a story.  I love finding an otherwise solid, aged piece – complete with paint splatters, holes, chips, dings, missing pieces, deeply aged knicks or cuts – and wonder where it’s been.  While I understand the average consumer may not appreciate a three-legged-couch-fourth-leg-a-stack-of books type of decor, I really don’t know any other.  I guess I’m an out-of-the-box (or would that be outside of the box?) type of thinker.  I’ve heard the various ‘walk to the beat of your own drum’ comments, or, my favorite beginning of a break-up phrase, ‘why can’t you use something for it’s intended use?’.  It’s not intentional, and I really never considered myself all that creative, but others have made it a point to tell me, Continue reading
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Purchasing New Items

I like creativity.  I love seeing the cool things that are being made with eco-friendly materials, sustainable woods, etc. What I don’t get though, is producing these materials just in order to make these items.  Items made with reclaimed, re-worked, recycled, materials are different, but the point of that is it’s already here.  The wood is already cut; the plastic already produced; the fabric already here; the ore already mined.  I certainly understand people wanting to do their part & buy & utilize items that are free of dyes, chemicals, non-renewable resources and all things bad, but in regard to the production of said items, I don’t see how being the ‘eco-friendly’ purchaser Continue reading

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Weekend Trashfinds

Today I took a few pics of some trashfinds that are in use throughout the house.    From this point forward, my goal is to photograph all our trashfinds.  My boyfriend & I have made many jokes about documenting our finds, as pretty much anytime we head out together trashpicking, my truck is packed.  We leave with it empty & often come back with it crammed, stuff strapped to the top – we find it a little comical (and at times, a little scary…).   To be fair, some of the finds are at yard sales, but there are many days & weekends the items are just from trashpicking.   Continue reading
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When I was considering writing a blog about trashpicking, a few people asked me if I’d be concerned about ‘encouraging’ competition picking.  Oh my.  To imagine, that I would go out to pick, and simply not find trash…(I guess I’m even referring to actual, smelly, gross, icky trash too!).  Wow.  Unlike most ‘collectors’ (in another aspect of what I like to collect, we just don’t like to give up our ‘sources’),  I absolutely love talking finds, giving & getting tips, suggestions, where to go, etc.   Sure, it sucks when I see another picker coming out of one of my route streets before I’ve gotten there, BUT, I’d much prefer that than my nemesis – the trash truck.   Continue reading

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