Meeting Other Trash Pickers At Yard Sales

The yard sale went great today! We were able to re-home lots of cool stuff, & meet a few other pickers – which is always so much fun! I always like swapping stories of found items, tips, etc. One woman I met actually lives in one of the neighborhoods I pick in, but she’s more of a buy at a yard sale & resell person. She’ll pick also, but doesn’t necessarily go out specifically to pick. I will say, yard sales are a lot of work, (well for us, the sheer volume of what we move out is really the work) but for me to make a little extra cash out of something I LOVE doing and be able to give other people some great finds at, “ridiculously great prices” (to quote one customer) is pretty darn cool. I don’t price stuff but always give people an idea of range & that’s a good base – well, it always works well for me when I hit a yard sale.

Here are a few pics of finds from earlier this week. I got a few offers on the garden cart, but it wasn’t for sale (it was beyond the yard sale area, but you can’t blame people for trying). The sled was hidden on the porch behind some shrubs, but my guess is there would have been offers on that too.

How have your finds been? Any real standouts lately?

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Getting Ready To Sell More Trash Finds

We moved the outside/porch stuff to the actual staging area of the yard sale tomorrow – my driveway is long enough it’s easier to move stuff in stages. Trying not to think about the fact that we haven’t taken ANY of the inside stuff out yet. My boyfriend says that in his mind, people have been driving by, seeing my yard sale signs (put up a couple of days ago with the dates), wondering what things were to be had under the tarp, and now are getting a nice little jolt getting to see some of the stuff. He’s right – I have seen plenty of people looking out their car window & slowing down.

I’m always excited to see stuff I’ve pulled from the trash get re-homed, and of course it’s a bonus when we get some extra cash as a result! Ok, time to to get back to hauling out more stuff…..

Hope you make some nice finds!

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Yard Sale – Making Room For More Finds

We are FINALLY hosting our first yard sale of the year! Every time we picked a weekend something came up – and about a week ago we realized we had an opening. Ads have been placed, signs re-dated, invites have been made. Above are pics of the first wave of stuff – a few items that didn’t quite make the cut to enter the house & were in a holding pattern on the porch, patio, shed or garage.  It’s all skillfully heaped together, but if you look closely, you can identify a few items.  I’m particularly proud of my recent,  in-ground pool size tarp find (not pictured), which is very useful for covering stuff in the yard for a few days.

We have some exciting changes happening here at Trashfinds!  Apologies in advance if there are intermittent glitches with the site. For now, good luck picking!

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Trash Picking – Return On Cleaning Investment

While prepping for our upcoming yard sale, the topic of effort vs return came up. At what point do you just write off a find because the effort involved in cleaning or repair doesn’t equate to what you’ll get out of the item? Naturally, this varies from person to person.

I refrain from picking up everyday items that require a little more than moderate cleaning. Mainly because I know there’s another one right around the corner (sometimes literally, and sometimes in the next few days), and probably in better shape – see commonly found items post However, if my microwave just quit on me, & I need one right away, then I’ll take the one that may take a good 20 minutes to vigorously clean Continue reading

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Vintage Garden Tool Trash Finds

These are just a few of the cool vintage garden tools we’ve found recently. The cultivator is in amazing shape – one of the best ones we’ve seen. I’m so glad we found it before it was compacted in a trash truck!

What kind of great trash finds have you made lately? What’s been a favorite?

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Trash Picking A Cedar Blanket Chest

Another GREAT trash picking day! Really had a workout today getting a cedar hope chest into the truck (#4 for cedar hope chests I’ve gotten out of the trash). The chest is solid, and had a few things I had to take out before I got it in the truck – mainly some heavy wood antique dresser legs, which we’ll use when upcycling other stuff. There were a whole bunch of 70’s sewing patterns & a few scraps of fabric in the chest. The bottom of the chest kept getting stuck on my emergency car bag, which is just inconvenient Continue reading

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Great Trash Picking Day & More Wood Furniture Finds

Today rocked! I got out trash picking a little earlier & was able to hit a few neighborhoods I normally don’t get to & made some great finds! Found two awesome 40s/50s nightstands; a beautiful mission rocking chair that is a definite keeper for me; four pretty decent paintings; a pseudo-nautical lamp; another maple end table; and a few things that are going into our yard sale next weekend. I went by Continue reading

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My Trash Picking Route Demographics

In a previous post (, I brushed on my theories as to why some areas/neighborhoods/routes yield more finds, or even specific types of finds.  This illustrates how developed my experience with trash picking is…. or just how much I think about it.  Following, is what I’ve discovered that applies to where I pick:

Friday Route – I always find lots of great vintage furniture, decor & accessories.  Additionally, good for yard & garden stuff.  Demographic – suburban middle-class neighborhood with lots about 1/2 an acre or less & no cookie cutter housing; established in the late 50’s-70’s, Retiree’s now looking to sell & move to their retirement destination or Continue reading

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Trash Picking Two Day Slump

I have found nothing the last two days. Not even anything on the top ten most frequently found trash items. Ok, one lampshade, but I can only have so many extra – see prev post on commonly found items .   I’m not complaining, it’s just rare – one day with nothing isn’t so surprising, but two days in a row is a first.   My Friday morning route has been pretty bad the past couple of weeks too!  I chalk it up to everyone being preoccupied with the last week of school, graduation, and a few hot & humid days.   I predict the picking will be pretty good in the next couple of weeks as the kids will be off to help around the house…that’s my theory anyhow.   I don’t have a theory on why the Friday route’s been lackluster, I’m hoping it picks up, as this route is where I’ve scored a lot of keepers.  The pics above are a few previously found items on the Friday route.

I have a few theories as to why some routes are good for some things like gardening/yard stuff , and others yield good solid vintage furniture, boxes of attic & basement items, general household, etc.  When you drive around looking for finds, you get a lot of thinking time in, so I consider these pretty good working theories.   I started breaking it down by my routes, & it will make the next post.

How about you?   What’s a good find for you?   Do you have a spot or neighborhood where you always score a good trash pick or dumpster find?

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Pricing Trash Finds To Sell

Every week I find awesome trash, but I enjoy various levels of used – yard sales, flea markets, thrift stores, family pass-on’s, etc. My tendency to collect has reached a pretty logical path – for whatever items I don’t give away, I have a small space in an antique co-op, sell every now & then on Ebay, have a few yard sales a year, and sell at the occasional flea market. When I’m pricing items, I price them according to what I’d be happy to get for it, based on what I paid, or well, found in the trash. While my goal in reselling is to pass off a great find at a low price, I still do have costs to recoup – booth rent, fees, gas, etc…

Sometimes, I feel I have to justify the selling of items found in the trash. I honestly don’t know if I feel I have to justify it more for me, or to others. Friends, co-workers & other sellers I’ve asked, which include many non-trash picking people, all say they wouldn’t care where an item came from – if Continue reading

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