Useful Trash

So, as I look around my house thinking of what exactly the goal of this blog is, I can’t help but start doing a mental list of all the things I see that I’ve pulled from the trash – drop-leaf table I’m currently sitting at;  chairs; microwave; various wall decor, lamps, etc…..  As I’m currently in a bit of a have to organize/consolidate state, I haven’t been going out cruising the trash.  That doesn’t mean if I pass something I could use driving down the road in the normal course of my day I don’t pick it up, I’m just not currently (past three weeks) cruising before work in the morning.  Yes, this is something that is as much a part of my routine as there are some people that go to the gym.  It’s odd, but I find I get a little cranky when I have to hold off on trash days.   All my own doing as I’m a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to organizing my place.

I’ve recently stepped up my collector legitimacy by opening up a space in an antique co-op (I do actually buy cool things at auctions, yard sales,etc).     Up ’til now, I’ve pretty much just had a few yard sales a year to help clear out & make way for even more workable/useful/not-a-dam-thing-wrong-with-it/easily re-habbed ‘trash’, or passed things off to people/co-workers who ‘make a request’.  Yes, I take requests.  Things are easily found if I have a heads up of what people need & they can wait a couple of weeks.   It may sound like I’m using an awful lot of gas driving around, but I live close to lots of cookie-cutter developments that are pretty much on top of each other…not my thing, but it does make for good picking…..

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My first trashpick – 1978….

Lots of people do different things to find that ‘feeling’, that rush of energy that kickstarts you into being. Some people conquer mountains. Some run marathons. I pick trash. I can remember my first trash find. We were visiting my nana, and my dad, mom & I took her trash to the town dump, as they didn’t have trash collection. It was 1978, I was five & trying to wrap my little mind around what this big messy heap was. It was spring & I hadn’t started school yet, but was looking forward to starting in the fall. I looked down, and sitting on top of a little trash mound at my feet, was a pink, unmarked, unused, eraser. I picked it up, showed my dad, and he said, “Sometimes people throw out things that someone else could use”. I was stunned…I mean, I had to finish everything on my plate because there were starving people in Ethiopia (the parental eat-it-all-or-else catch phrase at the time), and here people were throwing out useful things!   I was hooked.

How about you? What’s your earliest experience with trash picking?

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