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Trash picking, dumpster diving, curbside recycling – call it whatever you want. I have been a trash picker for as long as I can remember. I’m Amy & I started trashfinds.com, mainly because I love talking trash – finds, saves, scores, uses, tips, whatever! After countless conversations I’ve had with people that, in a hushed voice, admit they too have found this or that in the trash, it really began bothering me that trash picking has such a negative connotation and people are made to feel it’s a bad thing. There are countless stories of people trash picking rare works of art & antiques worthy enough for high-end auction houses, but why should trash picking be acceptable only when the find is equated with a large some of money? I have never felt less of a person because I trash pick. I’m equally fascinated & perplexed with what we as a culture produce, consume & discard.

While there was a period I didn’t broadcast my love for trash picking, that faded into taking offense that I didn’t. Why shouldn’t I be proud to save money & keep things from heading to a landfill? Why can’t I revel in the fact that I have helped others – whether it be finding them items they’ve been looking for, or just getting them to rethink how they consume & discard?

I’m always happy to share my love for trash picking & the bounty that can be had, but I love to hear about other trash pickers finds & adventures.  Feel free to share your stories of success, disappointment, or sheer enthusiasm when it comes to making  good trash finds!




Our gnome gravatar pic that can be found bouncing around the web was a trashfind.  I like to think he’s prospecting & looking out for trash finds.

6/21/13 – It’s been some time since I’ve been posting regularly, which means, it’s also been some time since I tweaked a few things and maintained Trashfinds.  We’ll get there….


4 Responses to About Trashfinds

  1. tess says:

    hi, hope that you are well, looking forward to new posts

  2. Cheryl says:

    I am no stranger to finding the best free junk! My recliner in my living room? FREE!!! My 2nd one ? FREE!! My kitchen chairs? 50 cents each!! Headboard with shelves and mirrors? FREE!! My dish drainer? You guessed it, FREE! I am guessing about 92 % of what is in my home is rescued or found because others thought it was garbage. I just love these finds and always will!!

  3. Donna says:

    Stumbled across your website; I love it. I come from a trash-picking backround. My dad and I salvaged buildings slated for demolition. The proceeds bought us a Lincoln Continental.

  4. Noreen says:

    I just retired and am color-coding a map of the streets of a near-by town by trash pick-up days (they pick-up different areas each day of the week). I’m not really a picker from way back but over the past 30 years of raising 2 kids by myself have learned the value of the used market. I live in a high end town too but they have relegated trash pick-up to one barrel that is supplied by them and nothing else (I don’t know where the good stuff goes in this town). Now if I’m up, and feel like it, I cruise the other town’s streets with my faithful Boston Terrier (she was free too, no one wanted her, bad leg and she’s the sweetest nicest dog I ever had). I often flip what I find as I don’t really need anything. To me, picking is “sport”. Who thought retirement could be such fun?!

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