Buying Our Future Homestead Property

In brief, Mr. Trashfinds and I recently purchased land that we hope to move to and live on within the next two years (or so…).  We didn’t have a windfall of money to buy our land.  What we did have (and always will), was the desire and commitment to live below our means and not have debt.  While we work full-time, we easily make about half of what the average is for our area and/or socioeconomic level.  These are all topics that are and will be discussed and posted about further on, but I want to get back to trash picking and our land purchase.  If it weren’t for the curbside trash picked items and opportunities we find, we would never be able to afford to buy our dream property.  Or, more importantly, we would never be able to find our property AND maintain our current standard of living (funny, where most people consider that the standard would drop, our standard would mean to work much more demanding, stressful jobs in order to make more money).

I can tie trash picking in with just about anything and with any conversation.  Really.  That’s why I started a blog to begin with.  To spare my friends, coworkers, and well, everybody I come into contact with, the awkwardness of trying to get out of a conversation  they quite possibly started, yet, I somehow changed it to trash picking.  I know not everything we need or want to use to build up our homestead will be trash picked, reclaimed, or repurposed, and I’m ok with that.  However, I know such a large percentage of what we need to build and live will be from the reuse realm (uh, just like how we currently live), that I’m going to want to share and hear what YOU have to say or add.

So, if you haven’t already, bookmark, add Trashfinds to your feed, comment as you see fit and better yet, subscribe!  Thanks for taking the time to read to this point!



6/21/13 – It feels soooo good to be back and posting!  I checked out for awhile to dedicate my time to finding the large piece of land Mr. Trashfinds and I have dreamed about living on since even before we met.  We found it, but it’ll take some time to make a livable structure and eventually move (it’s 500+ miles away from where we actually live).  During my recess, I was still writing, coming up with topics and ideas, and, most importantly, making finds trash picking.

For now,


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  1. tess says:

    congratulations on your purchase, how exciting and wonderful, all that thriftiness paid off, I bet it will be fewer than 20 years before the bank is repaid,

    I found the huge interest amounts in amortization tables (available online) to be a great motivator for prepaying the principle with any available funds, so our 15 year mortgage was done in 7 or 8 years

    • admin says:

      Thanks Tess! AWESOME to see how quickly you had your mortgage paid off! Yes, every time I see the amortization, it makes me queasy (and I’m only two months in!). Don’t get me wrong, I’m oddly thrilled to have acquired a mortgage and was well aware of amortization, but even before we signed papers, I was asking all kinds of pre-payment, paying on the principal, and paying off early questions (and am paying extra toward the principal). Since it’s raw land, a 20 year was the only option with our lender, but the minute we get a structure on it that the lender considers ‘livable’, we’re getting into a 15 year with a lower rate, if I don’t find a better alternative. I’ve been lightly looking into the pros and cons of other loan and/or peer lending options that have a higher interest rate, but are fully amortized.

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