Being Selective With Trash Shopping

I was talking with my boyfriend about how I’m going to have to shop for a new baby mattress (what I use as a dog bed) and realized I view trash picking the same way as many do going to a shopping mall.  The streets not yet passed with the garbage truck are my shopping mall.  I sincerely was thinking ‘shopping’, and in my head I’m cruising the neighborhood, window shopping for trash. Sometimes I take an item home, sometimes I don’t. The whole ‘needs’ vs ‘wants’ items falling into play…at least with everyday items.

I don’t like to trash pick non-submersible items (i.e. what I can’t put in a washing machine ) – see prev post about bugs & critters here (, but baby mattresses do hold up well for our dog – this last one held for about two years.

How about you?  Are there certain items you are reluctant to or won’t trash pick?

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One Response to Being Selective With Trash Shopping

  1. jenna says:

    well, there have been many things I have left behind and regretted, like furniture I did not need, or a brand new ceiling fan, or a Miller bar light that I could have found a home for with one of my brothers…so now, if I have the room, I take it. If no one wants it, I can always leave it on MY curb.

    As for what I do not take, I am like you, I want it to be either able to fit in the washer, or able to be cleaned very thoroughly. I only take or buy throw pillows if they can be thrown in the washer, same with quilts, afghans etc. I love vintage and even older sheets, especially cotton and well made European stuff…but I wash them all in very hot water at least three times before using. NO SHOES if they have been worn, unless they can be washed in the washer too. I am very very careful about taking anything that I find in front of a less than clean looking house, and most of the stuff I pick gets gets sprayed, disinfected, and washed (with bleach if possible) before I even bring it in the house. My biggest fear is bed bugs, and since I found out they can hitch a ride into your house in old furniture or wood items (and mattresses) I have been less likely to take such things out of questionable situations or locations. A few years back I lived near a bed bug infested house, and that just gave me the creepy crawly shivers, still does!!

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