Trash Picked Grandma’s Rocking Chair!

I trashpicked a friend/coworker’s grandmother’s chair. He had put it out to the curb about six months ago, and I picked it a few weeks ago at a house about five miles away from his. My co-worker works in a different building, otherwise, he would have known to immediately call me before putting it to the curb in the first place. Now, he’s all the wiser. I found out today when he had to stop by our building & we started talking collecting & I showed him a few pics of some recent finds. There you have it. He really didn’t want to put this out to the curb, but, things happen. Like I stated when I first found this incredible rocking chair,( this one’s a keeper, BUT, if his young children grown up & decide they want great-grandma’s rocking chair back, they’ll know who to call.

How about you? Have you ever inadvertently trash picked something from someone you knew?

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