Shared Trash Picking – Bringing Out The Best In People

Yesterday, we had a pretty good hunting & gathering day.  We hit an indoor flea market that we haven’t been able to go to in months, & found a few cool things – some for us, some for the antique store.  There’s also a dealer there we like to visit, so it was nice seeing him.  Like most dealers, he’s also a collector, but he also is very good about sharing info & tips – places to hit, best times, etc, which many dealers in our area aren’t so open about.   He also always has boxes of random stuff from house clean-outs I get to lose my mind going through!
We had to keep our eye on the clock at the indoor flea market so we could make it to the outdoor flea market to trash pick – it’s all about balance & priorities.   We made it, & while there were a few other pickers out, the heat kept some away & I didn’t encounter as many as I normally do.  Toward the middle of the most outer aisle of the flea market, someone had dumped a big box of shoes.  As I was making my way down toward another aisle, a man was motioning, walking toward me & waving me over.   He wanted to make sure I didn’t miss the box of shoes!  I had already passed through that way – which was fortunate for him, because he was speaking spanish & since I was in pick mode, where I block many things out & was already on a communication delay, he didn’t have to repeat himself too many times!   It may not seem like a big deal, but those gestures are really touching to me – the man could have just continued on his way with his wife & daughter, but he took the time to walk down a little ways in the aisle (these aisles are easily the length of a football field) to make sure I knew.  Just another heart-warming story of shared trash-picking.

How about you?  Has there been a time in your trash picking or dumpster diving when another picker helped you?

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