Trash Picking Rain Delay

It rained last night into this morning which somehow limits trash picking. I’ll pick in the light rain, (naturally, if I pass a REALLY good score, weather is not an issue. Ever.) but I think a lot of people are reluctant to put the better trash out when it’s raining. Really. I’ve thought about this & this morning while driving, in my head, I had an imaginary conversation between a couple:

B – (walking to curb with table)

A – “What are you doing?”

B – “Uh, putting this out for the trash. Didn’t you tell me to ditch this after we got the new one this weekend?”

A – “Yes, but honey, it looks like rain. Let’s wait to put out that table. We wouldn’t want it to get ruined…”

B – “uh…dear…it is for the TRASH you know”.

A – “I know, but when it’s not raining, at least there’s a better chance it will get trash picked”.

B – (grumbling, shuffling, walking back into the garage with table….)

I understand when it’s raining most people just don’t want to deal with hauling too much into the trash & that’s why the pickings are less, but in MY world, most people consider their local trash pickers…..

How about you? Have you ever placed something at the curb specifically hoping it’ll get trash picked?

(To add to previous post about the church down the street adding chainlink fence, someone didn’t get the right memo. I went by today, the chain link was removed, and a vintage-look type of new fence was in it’s place! It hadn’t even been 24 hours! Aside from knowing the labor & work involved, I did find it pretty damn funny (but I found myself saying ‘ouch’ for the contractor) – and very cool that the church is sticking with the tried & true – not only keeping their awesome gothic-like fence, but trying to keep with the same look.)

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