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Trashfinds has been spending time learning the fine art of website development. Actually, it’s more like entering a room with the lights off, knowing the switch is on the other side – you just have to stumble through in the dark until you get to it. In the meantime, there may be some intermittent availability with the website.

On a fun collecting note, if the weather is good, this Sunday we should be able to trash pick the flea market that always yields a lot of stuff & a boatload of fun – see previous post about the good times to be had:

Check out this Iron Cross bottle-cap table trash find: We sold it at our yard sale this weekend, but somehow it is still on the porch. The lucky buyer was not able to take it due to a space issue in the vehicle (something I’m all too familiar with), but anonymous sources in attendance at the yard sale believe the reason said table is still here has more to do with the buyer’s dollop-of-coffee-with-the morning-whiskey beverage that made her forget to come by & pick it up.

I also noticed a graveyard near me that has this great, wrought iron grate fencing is adding some chainlink fence. The current fence is so beautiful – I really hope the chain link is just getting added to an area that wasn’t fenced in before (typical – I drive by almost every day, but only when there’s a possibility to score some great trash do I notice). Of course, I’ll be watching their dumpster area like a hawk….

So, how have your finds been? Scoring any great trash? For you dumpster divers out there, does the summer heat effect your diving?

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3 Responses to Trash Picking The Flea Market

  1. OMG, the fence would be a superb find!

    The heat is a sure problem for me. Here in SC it’s been 100 degrees.

    I try to head out (to the behind-the-stores dumpsters) late enough to avoid delivery trucks but before it gets blisteringly hot.

    I’m also scoring food, so i have to try to get it ASAP into the cooler in the back of my car!

  2. I love finding amazing trash. It is crazy what people will throw away just because it’s dirty or old. Love your site, found you on Hennessey House!

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