Those That Got Away…

Now that I’m singing the gospel of trashpicking to whomever wants to read this &  not just to those that encounter me on a daily basis, all kinds of previous trash-related ventures are popping into my head.  I remember a coworker calling me in desperation one day because he was moving out within the day & push came to shove.  He had volumes of books that he didn’t have time to do anything with except get them to the dumpster.  We carried crates of beautiful, collectible books – mostly art – to my car until we couldn’t fit any more.  It was the first time I thought my tires would simply give under the weight.  While all I wanted to do was scream because he neglected to call me sooner ( all I needed was a day – one day!), I know it was difficult for him to see so much go.   I still think of all the books that ended up in his condo dumpster.  And yes, while I helped salvage some, there were still so many just disposed – new, sealed, rare – you name it.    Not an isolated case as past & future posts will show.

Whether you’re reading this now, or months from now, how about you?  Has there been a particular time or instance of throwing out or trashing items that you wish you hadn’t?  If not to keep, but to at least pass along?

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