Trash Picking & Technological Advancements

I finally get a grasp on the basics of how the whole blog & WordPress thing works & decide to move it to, I guess the term is ‘self-hosted'(?). Lovely. Now I have to reteach myself & learn how this all adds up to making Trashfinds look & develop the way I want it to. This flirts dangerously close to personal growth & advancement.

As grows in fits & spurts, how has trash picking & dumpster diving been for you lately?

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  1. knottywood says:

    You popped up in my tag surfing. Been following you for a few weeks. Very cool and funny stuff.

    I have been dumpster diving for 35 years and building furniture out of reclaimed or trashed lumber and building materials for at least 30 years.

    I hit a dumpster behind a high-end construction tool supplier a couple blocks away. Big commercial contractors bring tools in for repair and many times the cost of repair and down time is not worth it, so they buy new tools. The repair shop throws the old tools with cases and accessories in the debris every week. Many times the tools work fine but not the latest model.

    A few weeks ago, I sold five, six or eight hundred dollar tools, new, on craigslist for a hundred or hundred or hundred-fifty bucks to guys that couldn’t believe I was selling them so cheap. I sold a two hundred and fifty dollar drill for forty bucks yesterday. A tank of gas for walking down the block and posting an ad.

    I could tell dumpster diving stories for days or fill volumes with stories of fantastic, new, mint items I have found.

    I had a shop in a self storage facility with roll up doors for 17 years. There were 1800 units from 6×6 to 12×24. We had a 4 yard dumpster that was emptied every morning at 8 o’clock, that was ten fee from my door.

    I can’t even begin to tell the sheer volume and quality of stuff that got tossed every single day. I got to the point where, if stuff wasn’t really clean and serviceable, I couldn’t deal with it and left it for the casual divers.
    Stereos, bikes, clothes, boots shoes, new leather brief case with a $145 reciept inside, a box full of coin collections with 40 vintage silver dollars,

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