What We Found After Our Yard Sale

Opportunities to find useful things are everywhere! On the way to take down our yard sale signs yesterday, we found this great wooden box planter:

…And on the way to the thrift store to donate what we didn’t sell, found a bungee cord. Sure, not the most exciting finds, but very useful!

How were your finds over the weekend?

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2 Responses to What We Found After Our Yard Sale

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  2. jenna says:

    I find the best stuff in the trash, everything from the useful to the decorative. Most recently, 2 Ethan Allen wood shelf units, one for a corner, the other for a flat wall, both in perfect condition, and a mid century Arthur Umanoff wood slat swivel bar stool that only needed a coat of paint. I have found great lamps, tons of beautiful furniture, rugs, even a giant bag of clay aggregate for growing hydroponic plants….should have seen me lugging that one home, in 100 degree heat with my two overheated dogs who also wanted to be carried. Point is, that stuff is expensive, and I do actually use it for growing some of my tropicals….so no way Jose was I leaving it behind. People throw away some great stuff, and I am happy to bring it home, disinfect it, fix it up, and make it mine!!

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