Meeting Other Trash Pickers At Yard Sales

The yard sale went great today! We were able to re-home lots of cool stuff, & meet a few other pickers – which is always so much fun! I always like swapping stories of found items, tips, etc. One woman I met actually lives in one of the neighborhoods I pick in, but she’s more of a buy at a yard sale & resell person. She’ll pick also, but doesn’t necessarily go out specifically to pick. I will say, yard sales are a lot of work, (well for us, the sheer volume of what we move out is really the work) but for me to make a little extra cash out of something I LOVE doing and be able to give other people some great finds at, “ridiculously great prices” (to quote one customer) is pretty darn cool. I don’t price stuff but always give people an idea of range & that’s a good base – well, it always works well for me when I hit a yard sale.

Here are a few pics of finds from earlier this week. I got a few offers on the garden cart, but it wasn’t for sale (it was beyond the yard sale area, but you can’t blame people for trying). The sled was hidden on the porch behind some shrubs, but my guess is there would have been offers on that too.

How have your finds been? Any real standouts lately?

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3 Responses to Meeting Other Trash Pickers At Yard Sales

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  2. Jen says:

    Loving the Trash Finds!
    I’m living in France at the moment – here we ‘plonger dans la poubelle’ for our great finds!
    Keep up the good work!
    Jen =)

  3. Stephanie Lee says:

    I too adhere to your beliefs in the spectacle of dumpster diving! Though I do occasional buy thing new.. MOST of my house is filled with things I have found off the side of the road.. In the dumpster.. Or worse..

    I have actually stopped a garbage truck that was lifting an old chair by way of huge claw into their trash receptacle.. And told them to put it down so I could have it!

    There is no shame in being a junkie..

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