Getting Ready To Sell More Trash Finds

We moved the outside/porch stuff to the actual staging area of the yard sale tomorrow – my driveway is long enough it’s easier to move stuff in stages. Trying not to think about the fact that we haven’t taken ANY of the inside stuff out yet. My boyfriend says that in his mind, people have been driving by, seeing my yard sale signs (put up a couple of days ago with the dates), wondering what things were to be had under the tarp, and now are getting a nice little jolt getting to see some of the stuff. He’s right – I have seen plenty of people looking out their car window & slowing down.

I’m always excited to see stuff I’ve pulled from the trash get re-homed, and of course it’s a bonus when we get some extra cash as a result! Ok, time to to get back to hauling out more stuff…..

Hope you make some nice finds!

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