Yard Sale – Making Room For More Finds

We are FINALLY hosting our first yard sale of the year! Every time we picked a weekend something came up – and about a week ago we realized we had an opening. Ads have been placed, signs re-dated, invites have been made. Above are pics of the first wave of stuff – a few items that didn’t quite make the cut to enter the house & were in a holding pattern on the porch, patio, shed or garage.  It’s all skillfully heaped together, but if you look closely, you can identify a few items.  I’m particularly proud of my recent,  in-ground pool size tarp find (not pictured), which is very useful for covering stuff in the yard for a few days.

We have some exciting changes happening here at Trashfinds!  Apologies in advance if there are intermittent glitches with the site. For now, good luck picking!

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