Critical Mass

Nothing bums me out more than when I’ve hit critical mass & just can’t go out & pick the way I want.  We’re weeks away from having a yard sale, but something seems to come up every time I get a date in my head that would be a good one.   In the meantime, that leaves targeted cruising for trash out.  It kind of works out right now anyway since my truck has a break in the fuel line & am driving my DH’s back-up two door truck that the rear door doesn’t work, so loading finds is a challenge, but it is so difficult to come upon a really good pile of trash & not stop (of course, there is always room for an extremely good find!).   I really can’t wait to get a good yard sale date set though, as I have lots of small furniture to unload & well, of course, many boxes of random stuff found, given, or just tired of,  that have accumulated since the last yard sale in the fall.

At least I won’t be giving everything away like I usually do, as my DB & I have a set goal for relocating & buying a place & well, money is pretty useful for that.  Keep in mind, my first priority in a yard sale is to unload & I’m thrilled when someone is completely giddy at getting something they totally love at a great deal (no matter what it is, my price seems to be $2 – solid oak table?  $2.  Working leaf blower? $2.  TV?  $2.  Complete stereo system?  $2..)    Fortunately, I got a little more wise by the last yard sale & started inviting friends to participate who are much better at the business of selling (heck, at my yard sale’s, I’m happy when we break even & can at least cover the cost of the doughnuts, coffee & beer).  I’m the finder of things – that’s what I do.

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