Trash Picking A Cedar Blanket Chest

Another GREAT trash picking day! Really had a workout today getting a cedar hope chest into the truck (#4 for cedar hope chests I’ve gotten out of the trash). The chest is solid, and had a few things I had to take out before I got it in the truck – mainly some heavy wood antique dresser legs, which we’ll use when upcycling other stuff. There were a whole bunch of 70’s sewing patterns & a few scraps of fabric in the chest. The bottom of the chest kept getting stuck on my emergency car bag, which is just inconvenient when your struggling to get a bulky item in by yourself. My boyfriend insists I have an emergency car bag (which I’ve always had, even before I met him) but being a retired Marine, he has the bag outfitted more for a surviving in most any situation kind of thing. As a result, the car bag is about the size of a footlocker, and really gets in the way when I have a great trash picking day like today & yesterday. What I’ve learned though, is that, considering I’m within four miles of my house & work, I can probably ditch the car bag on picking days.

While I was cruising, I was talking to my boyfriend on his way to work, & he pointed out how odd it is that everyone is picking up scrap metal these days, and it’s completely accepted, but trash picking hasn’t been embraced the way scrap picking has. Well, not around where we live anyway. Of course, the bonus is more trash finds for us… I’ve considered getting a cheap pick-up truck just to cruise for scrap, but I know I would just end up picking non-scrap stuff, thus, defeating the whole purpose.

Tell me, what have you found in the trash lately? What’s been a favorite recent find?

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3 Responses to Trash Picking A Cedar Blanket Chest

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  2. jenna says:

    Oh wow, I thought that the cedar chest was a coffin at first, guess my mind was on that cemetery fence you are so enamoured with! That’s a nice one, could be used for so many things, a bench for seating at a longer table, a foot of the bed bench, a windowseat, etc

    Love the firewood holder thing!!

  3. Dawn says:

    I have to admit that I have picked a cedar blanket box chest off of my neighbour’s curb at garbage day! She was getting rid of it, and my Mom & I snatched it up. It was empty, and opens in a weird way, but it’s really great. It’s my best free find ever.

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