Average Conversation With Coworkers Regarding Trash…

I’m so used to seeing what people throw out, it’s rare to be surprised or shocked. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still always thrilled for the find. When I have discussions with people, they are always amazed at how much & what I find. Usually, the conversation starts innocently enough:

Coworker: “How was your weekend?”.

Me: “It was great! We came across a few boxes of beautiful, leather-bound, gilt-edged books in the trash & ended up helping the homeowner get a bunch more stuff out of her garage to the curb (well our truck), including more boxes of books! She was so nice, and I’m really glad we were able to help cut her job in half.”

Coworker: “uh…like, really? Leather-bound books?”

Me: “Yep. In excellent condition. A got a couple of nice oil paintings & some other neat little things too!”

Coworker: “…..so, she was just, throwing them out?”

Me: “Yes. She’s in the process of selling her house and had a small window of time before she moves & had to clean out the garage. She was so happy our paths crossed – she felt bad about just throwing them out, but with the time restraint, getting stuff to the curb was about all she could do.”

At this point, if my coworker is still listening (I understand the ‘did you have a good weekend’ question is rhetorical, but I’m pretty passionate about trash finds…), we end up having a discussion about throwing useful things out, which, inevitably, at some point, my coworker tells about how when they moved, or a relative died, etc, they threw out so much and felt guilty, but they didn’t have much of a choice (obviously, if they’ve known me for long enough, this doesn’t happen because they know I’ll take almost anything – I’m their choice!). Somewhere in there I’m sure I’ve asked them how their weekend was, but usually it circles back to what I’ve found. I always find it kind of odd that the same people who are captivated with my finds, are the same ones providing them. I’m not complaining, I’m just observing…

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