Great Trash Picking Day & More Wood Furniture Finds

Today rocked! I got out trash picking a little earlier & was able to hit a few neighborhoods I normally don’t get to & made some great finds! Found two awesome 40s/50s nightstands; a beautiful mission rocking chair that is a definite keeper for me; four pretty decent paintings; a pseudo-nautical lamp; another maple end table; and a few things that are going into our yard sale next weekend. I went by a few other things I normally would have picked up, but I ran out of room in the truck & didn’t have time to get back home, unload my finds, and come back before the trash truck hit where the other potentials were (I know my routes well, including approx trash truck pick-up times). There have been times that I’ve been at a premium with truck space; make a find better than what I already have in the truck & swap out, but it’s rare. If it had been a slow day, I would have picked up two 70’s octagon end tables for the yard sale; yet another lampshade & fiberglass planter.

On a side note, in the same amount of time, I drove my four mile route to my boyfriend’s thirty-mile turnpike-to-city-street commute today.

How have your finds been lately? What’s been a stand-out for you personally?

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2 Responses to Great Trash Picking Day & More Wood Furniture Finds

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  2. jenna says:

    Wow, great stuff. Even the paintings, and I am an artist so i have a pretty decent eye. I love the one in the first photo, on the right.

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