yet another trunk….

Picked for a few minutes today, two neighborhoods.  Got a steamer trunk for my DB who has a thing for them (at least they store other things) – it’s in better shape than a few we’ve bought at yard sales & flea markets!  Found an attic folding ladder that I took just in case & a pretty decent piece of plywood (DB’s a carpenter).    Added a box of typical yard sale items that remained unsold from someone else’s yard sale over the weekend – clock radio; purses; cutesy lawn crafts; corkboard…  As usual, I can see from the prices marked one reason why they didn’t sell.  If I don’t give them away first, they’ll wind up at our next yard sale at 50% off whatever their marked (or less!).  While getting a little extra cash is certainly a plus, my main goal when we have a yard sale is to unload finds so we can add more!   Our motto to our ‘shoppers’ is, ‘the bigger the pile, the cheaper the price’.

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