Pricing Trash Finds To Sell

Every week I find awesome trash, but I enjoy various levels of used – yard sales, flea markets, thrift stores, family pass-on’s, etc. My tendency to collect has reached a pretty logical path – for whatever items I don’t give away, I have a small space in an antique co-op, sell every now & then on Ebay, have a few yard sales a year, and sell at the occasional flea market. When I’m pricing items, I price them according to what I’d be happy to get for it, based on what I paid, or well, found in the trash. While my goal in reselling is to pass off a great find at a low price, I still do have costs to recoup – booth rent, fees, gas, etc…

Sometimes, I feel I have to justify the selling of items found in the trash. I honestly don’t know if I feel I have to justify it more for me, or to others. Friends, co-workers & other sellers I’ve asked, which include many non-trash picking people, all say they wouldn’t care where an item came from – if it’s something they like, use or want & are willing to pay the price asked, that’s all that matters. Many of us have seen an Antiques Roadshow episode that features an item someone salvaged from the trash, so why is it something we tiptoe around? We all know people throw out perfectly good items, including antiques & collectibles. As a buyer, I’d be thrilled to know I’m getting a great deal on something because it was salvaged and if it’s priced at something I’m not willing to pay, I’m ok with that too. As a seller, I love being able to offer something for less than an average price (average varies of course with factors like age, condition, region…), & am reluctant to price close to the average, even though I can make more by doing so (of course, if my employment situation were to change, I’d have to rethink pricing). I figure, low prices keep my things moving, which allows me to continue picking – which makes me very happy!

What about you? How do you feel about buying or selling something that was found in the trash?

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