Trash Picking & I Am My Father’s Daughter

One of my mom’s favorite sayings (or at least one of MY favorite sayings of hers), when referring to my dad was,” Your father would bring home piss in a jar if it was free”.  I of course, being so very much my father’s daughter, would say – or think if I could tell it just wasn’t the time to respond – ‘Well……what’s the jar look like?’.  That of course, would send my mom into a not-so-serious fit as she found it funny, if not exasperating to have two pack rats in the house.

Most of us take after our parents in some way – whether we want to admit it or not.  If there is a tool, gadget, or what-not I’ve ever needed, 99% of the time, it’s in my dad’s garage, shed or basement.  It’s truly amazing.  His ability to warehouse or store useful items is wonderful, but definitely his own system of seemingly random piles, cabinets, crates, boxes, shelves, etc.  Very similar to how I organize, or, as my boyfriend says every time he needs to find something, “You really are your father’s daughter”.  While I take this as a compliment, I know it’s said more out of frustration.  It’s just one of those things – I know how it’s organized & where things are & it makes sense to me, but, alas, my boyfriend get’s lost.  Of course, I point out if I had to find something in his workshop, I wouldn’t understand HIS system…

While my dad rarely actively picked the trash (he wouldn’t pass up a good find if it was in his travels though), he was never without lots of found items.  In his line of work (electrician), he would always find materials left behind on job sites that other guys didn’t want to bother salvaging.  We always had a pile of various bits of copper wire in the yard that my dad would strip the  outer cover & when scrap prices went up,  he’d cash in.  I of course,  looked forward to going to the scrap yard the way most kids looked forward to an amusement park.

How about you?  What collecting, gathering-related or resourceful traits have you inherited or learned from your dad?

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