Sundays BIG score

This past Sunday (uh, yesterday..), we scored THE find of the year (so far at least)… Keep in mind the scope of this since we’re pretty much finding something every day. We found a beautiful walnut china hutch from 1922 (inspection tag & company name on back!), with the original wavy-type glass. It is in excellent shape, nothing replaced, no major scratches or anything. Wood wheels, nice moulding details…. This hutch is the sort of thing we would see in an antique store & note it’s beauty but not actually look beyond that since it’s something we could never actually entertain buying – more due to price & practicality. DB says it’s as if god planted it there just for us to find. If we weren’t together, there is no way we could have gotten it – a two person job & we had to exchange trucks as it was due to the size. Fortunately, it was only about two miles away from my house.  What a thrill!

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