Ten Items That Can Always Be Trash Picked

EVERY day I pass by at least one of these items in the trash – often undamaged & minor if that; at least ALL of them within a week/two weeks (and that’s just in the suburban developments in the four/five mile route I drive). If you just can’t live without matching colors or designs, a little paint, fabric & creativity can go a long way.  I like Favecrafts as a good idea starter.  http://www.favecrafts.com/

MIRRORS – All sizes & shapes. Be careful of breakage (get out your trash picking utility gloves for safety!) You can even take mirrors that have had a clean line/even break & repurpose if you feel up to it; They are easily remade with a frame (that you’ll also find on this list) & some creativity.

PICTURE FRAMES – all sizes, shapes, materials.

PLANT POTS/CONTAINERS – Seriously – are you still buying these? Next…

PLASTIC CART STORAGE – Or pretty much any bin; most common reason I see trashed if ‘damaged’? Small crack on a drawer or a wheel on bottom broke off plastic – take off all the wheels & keep it stationary or use a little tape…

LAMPSHADES – Again, all shapes & sizes. While rare do I see a shade trashed because it’s torn, a little creativity & you can fix it & make it your own.

CHAIRS – All shapes, sizes, materials of chairs available – don’t like the color or fabric? See blog post (bugs & critters  – http://wp.me/pM4Gz-43) regarding upholstered chairs.

END TABLE/SIDE TABLE/ANY TABLE – all sizes, shapes, colors, materials. I can’t say enough about being creative. And how many of these I find.

PARTICLE BOARD SHELVING – Always trashed because they are crap. Don’t even bother with these – unless you take it to use as a canvas.

LAWN HOSE CONTAINERS – What a waste of money & space these things are. Always seen, always broken, always passed by.

RESIN OUTDOOR FURNITURE – If you must, pick them up, but if it’s not bent or broken, it’s only a matter of time before it will be. I dislike these almost as much as I do lawns – see lawn care rant  (http://wp.me/pM4Gz-4E)

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