today’s finds

Cruised for a little bit before work today (ok, yesterday, but just got around to posting this). Wasn’t really planning on it, but had a few extra minutes. Yeah, I plan trashpicking (started a post about strategy…will probably be ready to post in a few days). Got a few cool solid wood farm-style dining room chairs; a table top I really need for an oak, snake leg table base I have (also a trash find, but couldn’t get the actual table top for it in my truck – too wide!). A few other random things – fake wrought iron yard stakes; a padded top leopard print wire footstool with one leg missing (not sure how I’ll use this or re-purpose the parts just yet); a plant/potholder of some kind with one of the sides missing, but, if you turn it upside down, still serves the same purpose!

Also, my DB (dear boyfriend), was visiting his folks & when they were driving back from visiting his gramp in the hospital (he’s ok – 92, but still works a half day sawing, hauling & milling logs!), someone was throwing out a couch. His dad jokingly asked his mom if she wanted it – though she didn’t hear him ’cause she was in the backseat & can’t hear worth a damn at times… Anyhow, dad says, “that’s ok, A will probably want it anyway”. I’m touched…

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