I’m a big trash picker & re-user, and yes, while this is a HUGE part of who I am, I do have good friends who wouldn’t even consider it.  It’s not that it’s beneath them, these are just things they’ve had no exposure to (prior to meeting me of course).  In fact, it wasn’t until I had my first yard sale that I found out one of my dearest friends was still struggling to wrap her mind around the fact that, “so…. there are people that really dig this thing of buying other people’s stuff from them in their yard?”.   She’s a bit of a smart-ass, & had I met her through this kind of statement, I’d be beside myself with just too-many-thoughts-not-being-able-to-leave-my-mouth-fast-enough, but she honestly had no experience with this.  Sure, she’d heard me mention in often, but it registered remotely in her mind, the way talking to a coworker around the water cooler about their family’s vacation would.
The first time I personally had a yard sale, I had what I call, a “friends & family pre-sale” the night before (though it was really more of a take whatever you want, no money accepted).  If you have yard sales & have never done this, I highly suggest it.  It was like a mini-party, where my other yard-saler friends got first dibs, and those that are not yard-salers marveled at the ‘novelty’ & we all got to drink & chat.  It really was a lot of fun.

When I’m cruising, looking for trash, I get a few moments to myself to wonder, question, and ask why we do the things we do.   I often think about the choices people make, including myself.  Regardless of where my life takes me, one thing I do know, is if I can score it from the trash, I’m not going to buy it.

I’d love to know about the late-bloomers out there, in regards to trash picking or re-use.  What or who was it that got you to make your first trash pick?

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