Trash Picking & Dumpster Diving – Waste Not Want Not

Everything you see these days is ‘Green’ this, or ‘Eco’ that.  While I’m thrilled the concept is reaching all across America, I’d like to think the practice is also – but I’m still not seeing it based on the amount of ‘trash’ I’m still passing or finding on a daily/weekly basis.  One trend I am seeing though, is people putting an item out in their yard they would have previously thrown out & sticking a reasonable price on it.  My guess is that has more to do with economics than not wanting to waste, but in my mind, they should go hand in hand.  I’m happy to see an item not going to waste & someone else getting a good deal, but I’m unhappy about the economics behind why.  Thankfully, I was raised to save & be thrifty, which included an occasional trash find.  I’ve never been without the skills or know-how to re-use or ‘make do’, however, I still encounter people who have difficulty in being resourceful – which took me some time to really understand.

I want to know, has your throwing out or re-use habits changed due to the economic situation?  Are you discarding less or looking to pick more?  Have you developed skills you didn’t have before, or do you see a change in your family or neighbors in regards to consumption or re-use?

(just a few examples of utilizing trash –  using drawers to make bookcases is a fav of mine)

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