I had an awesome trash picking day this past Sunday.  I went to the outdoor flea market near my boyfriend’s house & ended up making three trips to the car due to the cart being loaded with finds!   My boyfriend wasn’t able to go with me & while it’s not as much fun without him, it really is fun getting to surprise him with finds.  I did buy one item – I go primarily hoping to score trashfinds, but, well, I’m a collector…of course I’m going to want to look at stuff for sale too.   I decided to try a game called, “guess which item I actually purchased”.  Despite having a good fifty things to choose from, my boyfriend nailed it on the first try (a handmade John Wayne ceramic vase/mug).  I think it was just dumb luck, but then again, not every item was out & visible when we started, so perhaps the guessing can only be done once every item is out of the box.
As discarded stuff accumulates around the trash areas at the flea market, my ridiculous high begins.  I love the find & a trash score is just win-win.   Even though they pose a little competition, I love digging through with other pickers – especially if there’s a larger pile because then there’s enough space.  I find it interesting that in the scope of a few minutes of picking, you can get an idea of what other people are looking for & we all generally help each other out by announcing what’s in a particular box as we’re going through it, passing over items.
I encountered a few really nice, helpful sellers, as I usually do.  Sellers who will let you know when they’ve put stuff over in the trash, or when someone else has (there’s no real set time for sellers to leave, so we always end up doing a few passes through, as more ‘trash’ accumulates).
Let me know, how have your finds been lately?

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