Finding ‘stuff’ is always on my mind.  I think of the why’s & how’s that items wind up in the trash, or abundantly available used.  I always consider what to keep, what to sell & what to give away, otherwise, I’d be buried by my finds and that’s just counter-productive.  I often find my head spinning from consuming, or I guess, researching consumerism (in my very, unscientific way).   My research takes me to checking out stores & websites that ‘reflect’ what the average person currently shops for to decorate their homes for ‘living’.  I won’t get into what I really believe, but let’s just say gazillions of dollars are spent to market, target, suggest & tell people what products they should like & want to buy. Even though this is a blog about NOT spending on new, I’m not knocking marketing – I find the research, numbers, statistics & economics extremely fascinating (and store circulars are a great shortcut to see what will start popping up in the trash!).
I was just checking items on a home decor chain store website, and as usual, am finding it difficult to wrap my head around the prices these items go for.  A good friend of mine works for this particular chain & I’m always amazed when she tells me what sells & for what price.  Don’t get me wrong, I really dig some of the designs, colors & items this store has carried & often find myself drawn to something from there at a yard sale or flea market.  In fact, I’ve even made a few purchases of fabric-related or gift basket-type items when they were on super-great clearance, but it’s still numbing for me to see the prices on items that can be easily ‘duplicated’ with some imagination, a few handy tools, and the basic item found in the trash…(which is often an earlier version of the ‘new’ item in the store).
What do you do when you find an item in a store that you really like but are reluctant to spend the money?  Do you make your own version from a trash or yard sale find?
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