Today was not a very good trash picking day. They happen, fortunately though, not very often.   A few wood table legs (boyfriend has some idea on what he wants to make out of them) & an icky straw/rattan bathroom shelf (prob. will yard sale) that I picked up merely because all I had at that point, were the table legs.  Ah well.  Yes, I should, in a way be happy the trash wasn’t so great, but last night I had this awesome dream that I found a great load of trash!  Lots of 50s & 60s decor, knick-knacks, housewares & even older books – everything in great condition too.  Since I know trash habits, it looked like someone had passed away, and the relatives just pushed whatever they didn’t want to the curb (so sad).  Yes. I dream about trash picking & collecting – because apparently, I just don’t get enough in my real life.  Needless to say, it just helped lay the groundwork for disappointment this morning.

Being that it is Memorial Day weekend, there’s usually a lot of yard sales, but as there’s nothing I absolutely NEED (ok, a farm, but don’t find many of those at yard sales…), I don’t want to actually spend money.  I’m hitting a non-trash-collecting-slump of sorts.  It doesn’t last too long & it’s not a bad thing, as the slump lets me catch-up on organizing & gettin’ down with my creative side.  It’s just an unnatural feeling for me because when I’m in my slump, I could come across an entire house full of vintage fabric at rock-bottom prices & not get excited.  I guess you’d have to know me to know how much I LOVE fabric, especially great vintage prints but just take my word for it.

How about you?  How do you know when you hit your slump & what do you do?

(pics from better trash picking days!)

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