Had a pretty decent haul today (pics below).  Found a cement lion yard statue; the top of a ‘bean counter’ table; a nice cement base for a birdbath; a fiberglass urn that’s separated from the base (if I decide to keep it, I’ll just use the urn, but if not, a little duck tape, wrap something cute around to hide it & voila!..yard sale); particle board w/wheels – a dolly of sorts; a plastic dog that part of the back is in pieces inside – which is better if used as an outside ornament, you can easily weigh it down with dirt or use as a planter for trailing plants!  Had to pass a few workable TV’s (the remote & owners manual were with them) because I already have two waiting for the next yard sale (ANY weekend now….).  Passed a lot of flower planters, window boxes, etc, but already have some accumulating in the yard.  Today was recycling day (every other week in our area), which always throws me off when picking – for instance, I saw a great stainless steel step trashcan, but it was hard to tell if it contained recycling or not.  I could have stopped and checked, but sometimes it’s a toss-up to use time & energy to stop to get something I’m not that interested in.  In this case, I only had about ten minutes left to trashpick before work & I had a few other streets to hit.  When I have a yard sale date set, in the preceding three weeks or so, I will pick up stuff I normally don’t.  Things like kids toys, particle board crap if it’s still together; more yard stuff….

BUT, the best thing about today was a conversation I had with a teenager.  I work with a few high school students, and yesterday, I was talking to one about trashpicking – showing him the blog, pics of finds, giving tips, & what-not. WELL…today he comes in & has that look that accompanies the awesome find.  It’s similar to a runner’s high – as I used to run…a lot….and know that feeling.  So, he tell’s me about all his cool finds yesterday – a gaming chair; a few tackleboxes full of lures & fishing stuff; brand new bathroom vanity & lighting stuff.  He also asked me about what areas near us have pick-up tomorrow (guess he wants to look tonight!).  I will admit, there was one area I didn’t tell him about, but that was really more because the police in that area tend to hassle teenagers, or anyone with more of a ‘clunker’ car that’s under about the age of 30 (fine……and maybe a little ’cause it’s one of my favorite routes..).

How have your finds been lately? Do you keep certain routes or places to pick to yourself, or do you share?

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