Don’t You Have To Have A Voucher To Shop At A Thrift Store?



Mr. Trashfinds revealed to me that before we met, he had never shopped at a thrift store.  I laughed, pretty much in disbelief, and then realized he was absolutely serious.  He’ll wear clothes that have landed on the side of the road and has no problem trashpicking – both things he did even before we met (ok, he may not have gone out specifically to trashpick, but if he noticed something in the trash he could use, he’d stop).   Mr. Trashfinds never shopped at a thrift store for the mere reason that he TRULY believed you had to be on some kind of public assistance, or have a voucher of some kind.  I was a little stunned.

Naturally, I needed to know more:

Amy:  “Really?  You had never shopped at a thrift store before me met?

Mr. Trashfinds: “No…I thought you had to be on some kind of public assistance or have a voucher in order to get items from one.”

Amy:  “So, what did you think when we went to the Goodwill for the first time?  What was running through your head?”

Mr. Trashfinds:  “Well, I figured you had whatever it is that was needed to buy stuff from there.  The whole time we were checking out, I was waiting for them to ask you for some kind of identification or voucher or something…”

Amy:  “Wow.  I have to say, that’s a new one for me.   Sure, I I could see where people could be under the same misconception – I mean, even well into adulthood, many of our ideas and opinions reflect what we were raised with.  Which brings up an important point to address and of course, another post for Trashfinds.”

Mr. Trashfinds:  “Growing up, we’d get clothes and stuff from discount department stores, but never a thrift store.  You know my family – we weren’t above used – we’d take hand-me-downs and stop at a yard sale or flea market every now and then, but I grew up thinking thrift stores were for more needy people….not in a bad way.”

Amy:  “That just amazes me!  We always shopped at thrift stores, and when I was able to buy my own, brand-new clothes, I started seeing how little was Made In USA, so I just kept shopping ‘used’…”(continuing), “Well, it’s no different than how people think things in antique stores are all high-end stuff or out of their reach, when, in reality, most items cost less than something brand-new of the same quality, or even the inferior of the same – [if there is even still quality to be had in a new version]…”

How about you?  Were you ever under the impression that only certain people were allowed to shop in thrift or second-hand stores?   What lead you to believe that?


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2 Responses to Don’t You Have To Have A Voucher To Shop At A Thrift Store?

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  2. tess says:

    wow! interesting misconception! growing up, hand me downs as a child and thrift stores as a teenager were par for the course, department stores with their stunning price tags were for rich people

    I didn’t know about things like vouchers existed til a couple of years ago, I suggested to the principal at my son’s school that the parents take up a collection good pair of boots for a crossing guard who had been afflicted and hospitalized with frostbitten toes, he said that she received (a) voucher(s) ? to get a coat & boots at the Salvation Army & that was the end of the subject, I thought that was pretty cold hearted of him, thrift stores can be hit or miss, especially during the season a particular thing is necessary and urgent

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