The Sky Is Falling!

(please bear with us while we go through redoing the past couple of months)

Well, the sky really isn’t falling, but it’s been a trying couple of days for Trashfinds tech-speaking. Had a website snafu, have since figured out the problem, unfortunately, have yet to find anything from July or August that was written, posted, or added to Trashfinds. I was making a few positive steps toward spicing up the site too! The lesson here of course, is to backup files regularly. For many of you out there, I’m sure that’s second-nature. Kind of like having a few months of emergency supplies is second-nature to me [yes, that’s right – months]..

So, since we entered into Hurricane-speak, how about you? How prepared are you for emergencies?

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3 Responses to The Sky Is Falling!

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  2. tess says:

    hope you’re safe & well, we have lots of canned goods here, sometimes wonder how we’d manage if something went wrong with the water supply, one more worry that came to me when crews were working on the street? waterlines, the flow was shut off intermittently, big drag with baby(at the time) in the house
    hope you recover your posts, they were goods ones, today I found a bunch of clothes and a full length mirror, funnily not in the spot where I noticed earlier, someone nabbed that one, and I found another

  3. Laurel says:

    I hope you are able to resolve the web issues without too much hassle. I am in the process of getting my own site going, so I can relate to snafus.

    I wish you and all your readers who experienced fallout from Irene a safe and swift journey back to normal living.

    I love your blog.

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