Utilizing A Trash Picking Cart


When we get the opportunity to trash pick my favorite flea market [Mr. Trashfinds wants to know what I mean by ‘we’ – yes, I’m the catalyst, but he makes finds also…he’s just not a volume picker like I am, since he has his wits about him], this is the cart I use.  We found this in the trash at the flea market a few years ago due to a rubber wheel that separated – an easy repair for Mr. Trashfinds.

There is always a clean, usable box to be found along with sellers discards,  but having one that is more of an exact fit for the bottom of the cart makes it easier to manuever.  We also clipped on two plastic tool caddies (we find these by the dozens in the flea market trash), which are perfect to temporarily lay my leather gloves when I take them off to look at an item for sale, and for little or small fragile items that could get crushed if mixed in with everything else. The plastic caddies are easy to remove as the cart fills up, and, if for some reason within that time there isn’t an area created in one of the boxes for the smaller finds, by the time I have to remove the plastic caddies, it’s time to make a trip to the truck to unload the haul anyway.

I added some bungee cords which are handy for the times when the finds are soooo good, that even on my way back to the truck, I’m finding things.  While I always have a canvas bag that has water bottles, snacks & my phone, we added a wire to hold a water bottle and/or to steady some of the longer finds.  Mr. Trashfinds also added a wire clasp on the top front to hold the cart together when we collapse it, as the one that it comes with doesn’t work too well.

How about you?  If you have a cart or the like, how have you tailored it to your trash picking or dumpster diving needs?


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One Response to Utilizing A Trash Picking Cart

  1. Cheryl Davis says:

    Where can I find (er, buy?, probably!) a great-looking and super functional cart like this? I just want the basic cart–then I’ll modify it for practicality.
    I really LOVE yours!

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