I love making things (in theory).  I love crafts, having ideas, and putting those ideas into creating an object or work of art.  What I mean by in theory, is that I have loads of the things necessary to create some fantastic things, but I don’t often give myself the opportunity to craft.  I have the broken china for mosaics, shelves of fabric (I really, really have a thing for fabric), odd pieces of wood, flat items that could be a canvas, various degrees of thread, rope & ribbon; ‘found’ objects, etc.  My found objects I like the most.  This is truly a collection of the bizarre – tiny plastic doll arms; leaves that look like something else, guts to an electronic something, keys to an old keyboard, etc…

When I was a trashpicking kid (around the house or immediate neighbors), I had a cardboard ‘craft box’.  In my craft box, which was about the size of a large cooler, was an infinite amount of possibilities.  It was by creating the craft box that my family (ok, my brother & sister) finally saw the wisdom in asking me before they would discard anything that wasn’t icky, slimy, food trash.  Prior to this, they would hide what they saw as trash and I saw as useable underneath some already discarded items, but in my bizarre, all-knowing seventh sense for all things trash, I would find said item.  Fortunately, by creating a ‘box’, it was a good visible reminder to my family there were reasons I wanted their holey socks, broken shoelaces, jewelry box cotton, random pieces of yarn, bottle caps etc & they were able to see the ‘purpose’.  Considering my parents were great at being thrifty & reusing, it made acquiring said items all the more difficult.  Once I had a sizable stash in my box though, not only was I able to create things, but my family would hit me up when they were looking for that oddball piece of something!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but, I like being recognized for my talent.  It’s win-win!  Less in a landfill, others are able to have things they could use, and I get to continue trashpicking!

How about you?  Do you have a talent for reuse or re-purposing?  What’s one of your favorite things to make out of found trash items?

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