Free Overlooked Yard Sale Advertising

I just wanted to share a little tactic I do when I’ve planned & set a date for a yard sale.  After I get a permit (yes, many towns require you to buy a permit for a yard sale…that’s not to say they’ll necessarily enforce the fine they have on the books if you don’t, but for $5, I’ll abide) a couple of days before the sale, I put a sign like this at the end of my driveway:

(Take note, all the items that make the sign & display prop, were of course, trashpicked….)

I’m surprised that more people don’t put up a pre-sale sign.  The street I live on is a cut-through street between two larger roads, so this gives our sale a lot of extra exposure.  Although we’re not real chatty with our neighbors, I’m guessing a few of them also appreciate the ‘notice’ so they can put cones at the end of their driveway or plan their parking accordingly.  Our sales generate a lot of traffic!

In an amazing stroke of non-brilliance, I somehow convinced myself I didn’t need to put signs up at the usual places since there were a few other yard sales on my street that day.   I went on the word of two of my friends who came over to sell stuff also, but completely forgot they don’t see promotion the way I do.  Sure, there were signs at the end of my road, but there are two other major intersections where I always put up signage & when we drove by them early the next day, there weren’t any signs up (and I KNOW, people rarely take their signs down the same day they had their sale – I do of course!)    Needless to say, that won’t happen again….


How about you?  Do you have any special kind of promotion or marketing you do prior to when you have a sale?


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4 Responses to Free Overlooked Yard Sale Advertising

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  2. Van says:

    Brilliant tips, I will use these when I plan my yard sale. I’m going to market this beast EARLY and work hard at it. I need this crap GONE 😉 ! And some extra “vacation/laptop” money saved up.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Van! Also, I tape over all markered writing with packing tape to prevent running/smearing from dew/moisture. I’ve been using (mostly) the same signs for three years, I just change the date/time. Boards actually have garden stakes on the back, but found the concrete edging so much easier than trying to stake into the ground. They lend nice support though! If you’re near a busy convenience store w/a bulletin board, a flyer w/pull-off tabs w/date,time,address never hurts! Good luck!

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