Thanks For The Free Garden Supplies!

Check out our small, container garden – all trashpicked except for the vegetable plants!   I have a green thumb but I’m extremely, uh, in lieu of lazy, I’ll say lackadaisical, so I bought the plants  at a local church plant sale instead of starting seeds (set me back a whole twelve bucks).  I’m not the best planner of things – I mean, I plan to do stuff, but then it all kind of unravels from there in terms of starting & taking the steps involved to do whatever it is I want to do.  Fortunately, being a constant gleaner of all things usable, while we were getting our garden together, any time a need came up for an item, I moseyed on over to my non-specific found item area & came up with what was needed.  Man, I love that!  It’s a love equal to that I have of having a well-stocked pantry so that if we’re in the mood for something specific to eat, it’s already there!   I will say, my fiance & I make a good team though as he really, really enjoys the hard work or physical labor part & I really, really, like the finding-of-the-free-materials-not-so-hard-work part.

JUST to experiment, I decided to see how much it cost other people to buy the items that I trashpicked for our container garden.  Prices are approximate, based on the closest, larger hardware/department stores:
  • 24″ plastic planter (3) – $15.00 (are you frickin’ kidding me?!?)
  • 20″ plastic planter (1) – $8
  • 15″ square planters (2)  – $7
  • Potting Soil (4 bags) – $3/each
  • Peat Moss – $3 (half-bag)
  • Shovel – $10
  • Watering Can – $5
  • Vinyl Coat Wire; Wire Mesh fencing – $10(?) worth (making this up based on the gazillion types/sizes of fencing & prices I’ve seen)
  • Garden ‘stakes’ – in this case, metal holders used for retail tool displays (8) – $2/each
  • Plastic Lawn Edging (12ft)  – $5
  • Total – $127.00

It’s sooo hard to not feel superior when you add it all up.  I’m just saying…..

How about you?  How have your finds been?


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3 Responses to Thanks For The Free Garden Supplies!

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  2. Van says:

    Awesome savings, I must say! You’re right, people throw away so many pots, there is no reason to pay over $24 for a new one! I stopped my trash hunting until I sort all my antique store inventory/hang all my house stuff.

    Then it’s back to the hunt!

    • admin says:

      Planter pots are always an easy find! Crock pots also make great planters (the pot part, not the crock(?))…they are especially sturdy around our pets that like to knock things over. As you can see, our garden is very ordinary – imagine how much the estimated cost would have been if I used the ‘fancier’ finds like pedestal urns & what-not. We’re having a yard sale Saturday, which we are in desperate need of since we’re at what I refer to as ‘critical mass’ with the finds – which is normal for us about this time of year, having had all fall & winter to gather!

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