One Easy Way To Find Good Trash Finds


(pictured above is a mod Barbie house found in the trash – the plastic roof is really brittle, but, the panels are still beautifully vibrant & in great shape!)

Are you a budding trash picker but a little hesistant to drive through various streets & neighborhoods, or try a ‘route’?  Cut to the chase!  Make note of yard sales happening near you & cruise by on trash day – odds are you’ll find a few boxes of leftover yard sale stuff pushed to the curb!  It might be just the kind of bolstering find you need to encourage yourself to try trash picking more often!  How this ever escaped me, I don’t know, but this tactic is something I truly started utilizing only a few years ago (an incredible DUH for me, yes….).  If you don’t make any great finds in the first try or so, don’t let it get you down – keep at it & you WILL make some awesome finds!  Also, while it’s tempting to pick under the cover of night as a newbie, try to make it during the day – it’s safer, there’s better light, & you look less like you’re sizing up which houses to rob in the neighborhood & more like you’re ‘just giving someone a ride to work & looking for their house’.

As with all ‘used’ items, be careful with your finds!   Check over & inspect an item for safety concerns/issues (examples – broken glass, iffy electrical wiring, splintered wood, bugs (!) before utilizing it).

How about you?  What’s a tip you would suggest for a budding trash picker?

(check out this Trashfinds post from awhile back – ‘I Was Just Admiring Your Yard And Other Excuses… that gives some examples of what you can ‘pretend’ your doing while cruising the trash.)


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    “Trashpicking For Beginners | TRASHFINDS” seriously makes me ponder a small amount extra.
    I really appreciated each and every individual piece of this blog post.
    Thanks for your time -Claire

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