I love things with character.  I like items that have a story, or, as my collecting probably more appropriately reflects, something that shows a story.  I love finding an otherwise solid, aged piece – complete with paint splatters, holes, chips, dings, missing pieces, deeply aged knicks or cuts – and wonder where it’s been.  While I understand the average consumer may not appreciate a three-legged-couch-fourth-leg-a-stack-of books type of decor, I really don’t know any other.  I guess I’m an out-of-the-box (or would that be outside of the box?) type of thinker.  I’ve heard the various ‘walk to the beat of your own drum’ comments, or, my favorite beginning of a break-up phrase, ‘why can’t you use something for it’s intended use?’.  It’s not intentional, and I really never considered myself all that creative, but others have made it a point to tell me, often in a complimentary way…sometimes not.  Whatever or however I’ve acquired this ‘gift’ for reuse or repurposing, I truly am grateful.
I don’t know if it’s because I’m so inquisitive, or gravitate toward the ‘forlorn’.  I’ve found that in a group of people placed somewhere among objects, I’ll gravitate toward, what the general consensus will agree, is the ugliest, homeliest, most bizarre, what-is-it?  Quite often, someone will need a solution to something & I’ll present them with an option that blows their mind & get the ‘I would have never thought of that’.   I have countless stories of being in someone’s home; yard sale; or antique store, and the one item I’ll gravitate toward, ultimately, ends up having a great story behind it and some particularly special meaning to them  (and if it’s a selling event, it’s usually not for sale).  For some reason, it always make me feel like I’m Indiana Jones choosing wisely.
I guess I mention the above as it relates to collecting.  As we head into the weekend, I think of the countless opportunities at yard sales, flea markets, trash piles or dumpsters, that we’ll have to find that truly unique item that speaks to us.  Whether you consider yourself a collector sometimes artist or artist sometimes collector, I hope you find what was made just for you, or your creation is someone else’s amazing find.  I don’t believe there is a way to put any kind of price value on finding someone that truly appreciates something that is a reflection of you.
Happy finding & I’d love to hear about your great find!  Tell me, where did your collecting or creativity lead you over the weekend?
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