Taking A Walk & Finding Stuff

(the saw blades new in package were a pretty cool find in the middle of the road)

We took our dog for a walk yesterday, enjoying the very Spring-like weather. My fianceĀ“ lives along a frequently travelled road & whenever we go for a walk, we find small things [pic above is what we decided to pick up]. While walking & talking, we both agreed that if we took extra walks at my place, we wouldn’t yield many finds, since, well, taking walks around my place hasn’t yielded many finds (walking for exercise & fresh air you say? I need more motivation than that…). We did decide to make a concerted effort to take more walks at his place for exercise (ok, I voiced a more concerted effort to JOIN him in the early morning walks with the dog).

He’s also decided to start picking up aluminum cans when he takes a walk, since we do occasionally go to the scrap yard, and the road he lives along accumulates trash & cans. Sure, the money from the cans may not be much, but it is win-win in that picking them up will contribute just a little bit to less trash along the road. I am a little curious to see how many cans he finds, as he told me when we were about 1/4 mile away from finishing the two mile walk & in that time, we counted 30 cans NOT covered by the melting snowbanks.

How about you? What do you find or look for on your walks?


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3 Responses to Taking A Walk & Finding Stuff

  1. DogsMom says:

    You can count that bending over to retrieve cans as part of your exercise routine. When else is your exercise going to bring you cash benefits?
    When we walk in the city we can fill at least one (ok, usually more) plastic shopping bag of flattened aluminum cans. Enough to cash in and buy a cold beverage.

    • admin says:

      Thanks! I WAS thinking that bending over for cans counts as exercise too, so thanks for being in agreement! We picked up about two bags of flattened cans on a walk the other day. There are many days trash picking has me working up a sweat & exerting energy – especially when I find larger, heavier wood furniture. Of course, I don’t make it much easier as I’m laughing out loud, cracking myself up, when I forget to lock a heavy table (usu where the leaf would go) that opens as I have it half in the truck, or if the truck is so full I have to keep a window down so a chair leg doesn’t break it…

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