Feline Friday – TrashFinds Cat Inspectors

Welcome to TrashFinds ‘Feline Friday’!   Our cats are always so involved with inspecting trash finds & helping decide if they’ll be keepers, that I usually have to take a number of pics since a cat tail, paw, or head gets in the frame. Since they immediately jump on whatever it is I’m trying to get a picture of, I’ve decided it’s a much better use of time to just keep them in the picture & spend less time trying to capture shots without them (well, at least these shots).  Here we have Louie sitting on top of a box with a vintage revolving gold-glitter Christmas Tree stand (doesn’t revolve but is still really cool-looking) & Sophie is trying out a shelf on a Drexel nightstand – yet another beautiful solid wood piece someone painted (fortunately, the water-based paint didn’t take too well & should be easy to remove).  Read more about our wood furniture trash finds!

How about you? Do you have helper pets?

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2 Responses to Feline Friday – TrashFinds Cat Inspectors

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  2. Van says:

    Kitties in the shots make them that much better! I wish I had pet helpers, but I won’t take on an animal until the rest of my life is under control :) Who knows when that will be.

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