Previously Owned Gifts – What Makes An Antique Store More Acceptable?

In a previous post relating to thrift giving, I wrote about how I give gifts my way, and no longer bow under the pressure to obtain a new item that is overly-priced, will be under-used, and conflicts with my beliefs.

 Occasionally, I’ll attend a non-immediate family gathering, though I’m not a big fan of many ‘gatherings’.  Years ago, my cousin had everyone over prior to the holidays, and I wanted to take something ‘gifty’.  My cousin & his wife’s tastes & lifestyle are on the complete opposite ends of the spectrum from me – trash picking, thrift stores & even antique stores aren’t exactly on their radar.   My cousin & his wife are big fans of two widely known mouse characters.  Fortunately, I hadn’t decided last minute to attend, so when I was at a thrift store prior to the gathering, I found a 70’s version of the stuffed animal mouse couple.  They were not pristine, but they were no different than anything you would find at an antique store – which, when I was pressed, is the story I gave of where I found them.  Anyway, I tied something Christmasy around each doll & presented as is.  They LOVED them & to this day, they make it to the mantle for holidays.

I chose to say they were from an antique store based on the YEARS of judgement I’ve received from a good portion of my family, in reference to my frugality & disinterest in ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’.  The judgement doesn’t bother me, but the expectation from others to explain myself does, so it really comes down to the path of least resistance.   While it bothered me that I couldn’t reveal these vintage mouse characters had come from a thrift store, I also know an antique store legitimizes used for the non-junker.  What I don’t understand is WHY?  Previously owned – whether it comes from the trash, thrift store, yard sale, rummage sale, or antique store (where lots of items from the aforementioned places end up) is STILL previously used.  Everyone has their preference & comfort level in terms of condition, but if an item makes the cut & someone is okay with one avenue of used, what makes the other ones any different?

 So, what do you think?   What makes an antique or even consignment store gift, a seemingly more ‘legitimate’ place to obtain a gift from than other sources of used to the non-junker?


 Check out this recent post from Get Rich Slowly regarding giving gifts from a thrift store:

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5 Responses to Previously Owned Gifts – What Makes An Antique Store More Acceptable?

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  3. tess says:

    I have relatives turn their noses up at used stuff depending on the source & have labeled my collecting a disorder, sigh

  4. admin says:

    Oh – I know that attitude. But then, I see how miserable & transparent most of them are as they try to ‘fit in’ & I admittedly gloat just a little… Besides, when we’re up against zombies, who’s going to have better survival & ‘make do’ skills?

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