Metal Monday! Vintage Roll Top Bread Box


We found this metal roll top bread box trash picking a flea market a few months ago.  I was going to pass on it, but my boyfriend convinced me to take it with the idea that, “I bet you there’s a customer at the antique store that would want that”, which, the collector in me falls for every time.  I’m also easy to sway with anything that can be potentially used to store stuff anyway.  Sure, it has it’s charm, but it has it’s issues – roll top’s a little dented; one seam is a little loose on the side; aged rust inside.  Not a big deal, but also nothing I want to put effort into making better (but if I were, I’d line the inside with contact, or wallpaper or something).  I do really like the knob though, which appears to be Bakelight.

This breadbox would fall into an example of a poor ‘Return On Cleaning Investment’ trashpick for me.  Boyfriend said he would try to clean it up a little (how he was going to do it without taking off the paint I don’t know – that’s all rust spotting), but, it’s been almost two months & this breadbox needs to go on it’s way to rehoming, out of the holding pattern area.  That’s like, two cubic feet of space, which in my house, is about as valuable as storefront in Times Square.  It’s going as is.  If it doesn’t sell, it’ll get pulled back & sold at our first yard sale in the spring, or my boyfriend can use it to store stuff in his shop.  Or maybe it’ll cycle into my work area as a temporary hold for items to price or work on.  I will say, it’s always advantageous to have something larger on the counter & not easily moved as I unintentionally do break items – often.

Any thoughts? How would you reinvent this box without investing too much effort?


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4 Responses to Metal Monday! Vintage Roll Top Bread Box

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  3. Nina says:

    It has tons of vintage charm. I love the bakelite knob, as well as the flower decal. I would clean it up, not worry about the rust and use it to store tools, or little parts or craft items.

  4. tess says:

    I like the grayness of it, the heavy look, it’s pretty darn bigness, the dainty decal in contrast

    if you change your mind about cleaning, what about using it to display postcards, linens (after cleaning away the actual dirt & sealing to show off the rust, without letting it rub off on the stuff inside)

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