Weekend Trashfinds

Today I took a few pics of some trashfinds that are in use throughout the house.    From this point forward, my goal is to photograph all our trashfinds.  My boyfriend & I have made many jokes about documenting our finds, as pretty much anytime we head out together trashpicking, my truck is packed.  We leave with it empty & often come back with it crammed, stuff strapped to the top – we find it a little comical (and at times, a little scary…).   To be fair, some of the finds are at yard sales, but there are many days & weekends the items are just from trashpicking.   We may head out looking for yard sales, but when you hit on a good pile of trash, what can you do?    He also lives about ten minutes away from a HUGE outdoor flea market that’s held every weekend, and the most fun we have is when we’re around & get to pick it the last day.  We take an upright cart  (which we found in the trash there, of course..) to go up & down the aisles, and just go nutty with finds.  The sellers leave in stages, and after a long, hot, tiring day of packing, unpacking & lifting boxes, the last thing some of them want to do is pack up the stuff that didn’t sell, OR, they’ve made better finds for themselves & can’t fit it all!   For us, it’s like Christmas!   Every single time, we encounter other pickers & it’s so cool how most everyone helps another picker out (everyone looks for different things) – tipping off to a good area; avoid this can; great furniture if you have two people to lift it, etc…  It’s also amazing to see how much is cleaned up from us pickers.  Makes me  proud…
What I find perplexing though, is when we find an item in the trash, that we had considered buying, but felt the dealer was asking too much.  I just don’t get that..  I mean, why spend all that energy hauling stuff to sell, and rather than just get a few bucks less than you originally wanted for something, leave it behind in the trash?  Keep in mind, I’m not a very good price negotiator – it makes me a little uncomfortable.  If a seller wants a certain price for something that’s just not in where my price range was, I very rarely haggle.  Mainly because when a seller asks, ‘well, tell me how much you were thinking’, I really just want to say, ‘well, how about nothing’, but that’s not exactly how it works…I also won’t ‘lowball’ (they’re asking ten bucks, I offer 25¢).    As a seller, I’ve been at that point at the end of the day, that I’m happy to make just about anything on an item that I don’t really care to hold onto & pack up, however, if it’s something I have a set price for in my head, I’m certainly not going to trash it if it doesn’t sell.   Where’s the logic in that?   I know there are lots of people that really enjoy negotiating price and I get that, but it’s just not what I like to do.
How about you?  Where’s your comfort level on negotiating, either as a buyer or seller?
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