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Anybody who comes into contact with me for ANY period of time will learn that I am a proud, enthusiastic, trash picker.  I received a great compliment from a coworker, who has known me for a few years, and has also been the lucky recipient of a few finds. She told me that even though there are things she would try at a yard sale for rather than new at store, she is now being reminded even more of the bounty of the trash, and finds she has more of an awareness in noting what’s at the curb.  She always lets me know when there’s something to be had right around the corner from work, my house or her house, (we don’t live too far from each other – both she, I & work), but she wanted to tell me since she was noting trash more in terms for her personal frugality & willingness to pick on her own….not quite yet, but is considering.  I’m so very proud.  

How about you?  Have you helped inspire someone with your trash picking or general frugality?  In what way?


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  2. Van says:

    This weekend at a community garden party my fellow gardener Austin revealed that he’s been reading my blog (few friends IRL read my blog or even know about it) and it inspired him to only shop thrift stores and flea markets. I’ve taken many who thought thrifting was taboo over to the dark side of thrifting and second-hand shopping. And I’ll convert more, bwahahaha!

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