Black Friday – Is Your Merchandise Made In The USA?

I stopped by the antique store last week & mentioned that I couldn’t wait until Black Friday so I could spend time overhauling my booth.   One of the owners said, “Really?  I thought being the great deal seeker, you’d be out taking advantage of all the Black Friday specials”.  WELL……

I’m not a big shopper of ‘new’.  I’m not without my enjoyment of finding dirt-cheaper-than-a-thriftstore stuff on clearance, but since it’s so rare I go into ‘new’ retail establishments, it’s more of a novelty for me.  Among a few reasons for going with (most) all things used, is that I buy Made in USA (if it’s local, even better!).  I’ve started, drafted, & re-wrote SO many posts about buying Made in USA products, but I just can’t seem to really express my feelings about the importance of it, so instead, I’ll direct you to a few websites/articles that have said it much better:

American Economic - Masthead

TONS of info on this site- here is American Economic Alert’s ‘about us’                                                 page: –

Buy American Challenge

(Also on the Buy American Challenge site – great post to check out                                                ‘Buying American On A Budget’: )

MADE in USA Search Engine Home Page

Lists lots of Made In USA products!

From –  ‘Ten Ways Patriotic Consumers Can Shrink The Trade Deficit’:

How about you?  Do you take note of Made in USA?


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