Cultivator Of Controversy We Never Discuss


I LOVE selling items I found in the trash for a few reasons.  Getting a little extra cash is actually one of the least reasons I do it.   I love that I rescue something from utter destruction, keep it from adding to a landfill, AND am able to pass something off to someone at an extremely reasonable price.  I price stuff  low, but, I’m of the mind-set that I want to see stuff move rather than collect dust hoping to get a higher price for something (especially since we can all pretty much agree finding MORE things to supply the booth isn’t going to be a problem).   I’m happy I break even & finding stuff that I can sell enables me to continue, well….finding stuff! 

My boyfriend disagrees with my prices sometimes.   In fact, the beautiful cultivator seen above is a topic we can never speak of again.  Seriously, he was that insulted & put off at the price I sold it for, the mere mention or reminder of what I am now calling ‘the cultivator of controversy’ get’s him all ired up.  An awesome trash find we made over the summer, the cultivator was in the store for a few months (which is a few months longer than I would have liked) before it sold.  My boyfriend comes from farm country, where simple & useful agricultural tools are still used, valued and sought after.  We visit his folks often, and yes, I’ve seen cultivators similar to the one we found (just not in as good a shape) easily sell for double what I sold it for, but that doesn’t mean we would get that in our area.  Regardless, I’m still happy with the price I got for it.  

How about you?  How do you price your finds when you sell them?  Are you looking to move items quickly & price accordingly, or do you prefer to wait it out & get a higher price?

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