My Car Keys Are In Your Trash Picking Cart


(1-box of kids trinkets; 2-broken things for mosaics; 3-a few random finds)

We had a great day trash picking the flea market this past Sunday – the pics are just a small sample of our finds (the REALLY good stuff is still boxed). I love this particular flea market for picking, and the rows are about the length of a football field (actually, they’re probably longer)!  We did have an awkward moment though (ok, I felt awkward but my boyfriend’s attitude is, “oh well“).  A common practice for dealers leaving stuff behind at the flea market, is to leave discards on the table.   Often, the dealers or their cars, are still within the vicintiy of their table, even though they’re packed up.   A lot of dealers are totally cool & will let you know before you can even ask, that what’s on the table is what they’re leaving behind.  Some will only acknowledge you if you ask, and some just simply ignore you as they’ve already washed their hands of the space so-to-speak.     

We were working our way down a row of tables, & came upon a table area completely empty except for a zip-up hooded jacket.  Though I’m slightly reluctant picking clothes, even ones that were for sale just a few minutes before, it doesn’t bother my boyfriend.   The dealer was in his car with the door open & having once of those half-conversations with the dealer next to him, who was one of the few in the row still set up.    We were lingering at the table, I was waving & said excuse me, looking at the dealer of the empty spot, who made no acknowledgement.  We looked at the other dealer who did say hi.  We looked at each other wondering if the jacket was being left behind, tried to get the dealers attention again with no luck, so I picked it up, checked the size, shrugged to my boyfriend, and threw the jacket in my cart.  We were there for at least five minutes – which is a long time when there’s not a trash/discarded item table to go through (ok, we had stopped for a water & strategy break anyway).   We took about another ten minutes working down the row.   About half an hour later & two rows over, the dealer comes toward me & says, “Ma’am, I think you took my jacket..”.  He starts going into my cart, gets his jacket & stands there going through the pockets.  He’s moving so fast, I can barely respond.  Anyway, it was his jacket & his keys were in the pocket.  Oops.  I felt a little weird, BUT, regardless of the half a dozen or so trash pickers gleening the flea market around packing-up time, aren’t most people aware to not leave items of any importance out in the open? 

In the thinking about things way too much department, I felt bad.  I mean, here it was, the end of a long day, the guy goes to start his car & can’t find his keys?  I’m sure a mild panic was setting in after looking for a few minutes & not finding them.  What if he also had a really crappy day selling (or….not selling)?   For some reason, I just got this vibe that maybe he was a bit down on the luck & me making off with his keys probably didn’t help.  Despite the previous effort to get his attention, I truly felt bad, but it doesn’t mean my boyfriend & I weren’t cracking ourselves up the rest of the day over our non-trashpick.

How about you?  What’s your take?  Did we make an ample effort to communicate? 


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