Refusing To Buy What Will Be Found For Free (…eventually).

I’ve had a washing machine issue going on for at least a month (ok, closing in on two).  Fortunately, the issue is one I’m willing to work around until I locate a nice, free one.  If push comes to shove, there are a variety of decent used ones out there for about $100, but, I’m still not wild about spending ANYTHING when I know, there’s going to be a free one if I’m patient.  Some may consider this inconvenience ludicrous, but I don’t agree, and here’s why:

My washer still fills, rinses & spins.  So, I can soak laundry, churn by hand with a wiffle ball bat, get some upper body exercise & still have clean clothes!

$100 doesn’t seem like a lot, BUT, it all adds up.  If I were to put out money EVERY time I needed something that I can & am willing to make do with (or do without) until I find a suitable FREE one, I would never have money for fun stuff (like beer & an occasional drunken Ebay spree).  Additionally, that $100 not spent, challenges me & allows the joy of learning (or sometimes not learning) how to fix things on my car & around the house & the wisdom in sharing that knowledge. 

When I do find my free washer, I’ll probably end up doing someone else a favor by taking it & hauling it away.  Maybe it’s because I immerse myself with all levels of used, but I have heard countless stories that people relay to me of how happy they were to give something away for free as they were pressed with time on a house clean-out or closing, OR, they just didn’t want to be bothered moving, trashing, or taking it to a thrift store.

How about you?  I’d love to know – where would your breaking point be when it came down to replacing something for a nominal fee or holding out for a free one?


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5 Responses to Refusing To Buy What Will Be Found For Free (…eventually).

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  2. Van says:

    Tonight I’ll be hand-washing a lot of delicate clothes like dresses because my apartment’s crap washing machine can only be trusted to wash towels and jeans. It’ll rip dresses and dedicates into confetti. And I sure as hell am not going to shell out for an expensive new washer if I don’t have to. I love being frugal and saving tons on the stuff I don’t need so I can save plenty, always pay my rent up front in cash (even though I’m a writer and make nominal writer’s pay), and buy nice dinners from local restaurant and keep my favorite local artists and boutiques in business with a purchase or two. I used to save event cent stingily, but not anymore, it’s all about balance.

    So my breaking point is when something is busted beyond repair AND I use it daily. Like having my friend build me a super amazing PC from parts at compUSA, it was a $700 investment but I use my computer daily so it was worth it and it will last a long time.

    • admin says:

      I’m with you on the busted beyond repair. There are things to put money out for that just make sense – especially when your livelihood is dependent on it fully functioning daily! I know it’s only a matter of time, but I sense a storage trailer or box truck will be in my future….

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